Key Marketing Network Review

Key Marketing Network Review

Key Marketing Network is an internet based system to promote several companies. The emphasis is on Zip Nada Zilch. ZNZ is an established cpa (cost per action) company. They have paid out millions of dollars over the last few years to people working from their homes. I would consider this more of a home based job than a business. You get paid to send others to take free trials of products from a hundred or so major companies. Key Marketing System incorporates both ZNZ One & ZNZ Big Cash programs into their system. This pays from $80.00 to over $100.00 per signup depending on the free trials chosen and any special promotions that may be running. Similar opportunities for this sort of work are all over craigslist and other advertising publications both on and offline. The advantage of the Key Marketing System would be a little more professional system than most.

Key Marketing Network Companies

Key Marketing System requires that their team join Global Domains International. There is a seven day free trial. After the free trial period, GDI cost $10.00 per month. It is a very well established and respected company that markets .WS and other domain names and hosting. They own the rights to .WS domains. The GDI membership will provide long term residual income to those who stick with it.

Key Marketing System also promotes Empower Network. This is optional but highly recommended. The Empower Network is probably the hottest affiliate program on the internet right now. There are quite a few distributors making stupid money. By stupid I mean a boatload! The basic entry is $25.00 and is a monthly expense. For the $25.00 you get a ready made blog and substantial training. The next level of Empower Network is $100.00 per month and supplies a higher level of training in internet marketing by some of the top producers in the  industry. The reason that Empower Network is going ballistic on the internet is the 100% payout. It would reasonably seem impossible for a company to pay out 100% of the money it takes in. I understand that. This is made possible by two things. The first is the $20.00 per month charged to handle and process orders. Second, the fact that the owners earn their income by promoting the system, just like the rest of the distributors. The two owners of Empower Network are well known internet marketers and among the very best.

Key Marketing Network Summary

If you are looking for a way to make some money from home and are not opposed to placing ads on craigslist,etc. , then you can earn up to $100.00 or so per signup for the free trials. Placing ads isn’t big fun, but there are a bunch of people earning anywhere from a few extra bucks to some pretty nice incomes doing it with the Key Marketing System.  You will be working with fortune five hundred companies. You will get paid.

If you are more interested in long term residual income, Global Domains International is a solid, established company that is very respected within the network marketing industry. The founders of the Key Marketing System love GDI and I can’t say that I disagree.

The big money to be earned with the Key Marketing System is with the Empower Network. Both in terms of the 100% commissions and the residual income in substantial chunks. This is an exciting company that is being promoted by many of the best and brightest on the internet. If you are not interested in promoting the free trial offers with Key Marketing Network, you might want to skip them and promote the Empower Network directly as a primary company like I do.

The Key Marketing Network is one of the better systems for promoting free trial offers. Please understand that there are several large groups doing the same and similar promotions all over the internet and especially on craigslist. The competition is fierce to say the least.